September 23, 2012

NYC schools giving out medicine???

The New York City Department of Education is t...
 is the largest public school system 
in the United States. 
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According to the New York Post, the New York City Department of Education has a program that goes against this logic. The "Connecting Adolescents To Comprehensive Health" (CATCH) program  raises many concerns.

Under the program, minor children are given access, by the schools, to pregnancy tests, birth control and the morning-after pill without parental consent or their primary doctor's knowledge. This even goes against their "Parent's Bill of Rights" It claims that Parents have the right to "be informed about required health, cognitive and language screening examinations." (Page 1 section 2B)

Does this make sense to anyone? Schools are forbidden from handing out Tylenol and Aspirin to children. They are even forbidden from handing out medicine prescribed by a doctor. How then do they justify this? A pregnancy test is one thing. It's a test. It is no different than the school administrating a drug test.

But to give medicine like this is another thing.

(Hat Tip: New Yorker's Family Research Foundation)
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September 18, 2012

Israel - The Nation that once wasn't a nation

Auschwitz concentration camp, arrival of Hunga...Auschwitz concentration camp, arrival of Hungarian Jews, Summer 1944 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Israel. It is a nation of great importance to the Bible. For it is in the Bible that it is the Promised Land for the Jewish people. It is the recorded birthplace of Jesus. The list goes on and on.

But, it's land was not always occupied by the Jews. It was once part of the Ottoman Empire. The British conquered the land during the decline of the Ottoman Empire during World War I in 1917.

Adolf Hitler persecuted and killed many, many Jews. This lasted up to the end of World War II in 1942. Jews then flocked to this land as a result of the Holocaust. Israel as we know it became a nation again on May 14, 1948.

In the Vision of the Dry Bones, or the Valley of the Dry Bones, it is predicted that Israel will become a nation again. Here are some facts that make this interesting.
  • The King James Bible was completed in 1611. 
  • Israel reformed as a nation in 1948 as prophesied by Ezekiel.
To which I have a couple of questions:
  • How would an atheist explain this?
  • Does anybody realize that the next two chapters in Ezekiel are prophesying about Armageddon?

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