March 29, 2012

Justice? Or Blind Justice?

Trayvon Martin. Everyone wants justice. If you haven't heard, he's the teen that was shot by the neighborhood watch guy, George Zimmerman. While it was a sad and tragic death, I am not going to weigh in on this too much. Many people have weighed in their opinion.

But I see a disturbing trend in their opinions.
  • Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill. wore a hoodie on the House Floor despite their dress code. He made reference to racial profiling.
  • Miami Heat players posed with their hoodies to show support to Trayvon.
  • Students are holding "Hoodie Day" and rallies are being held in protest to slow justice.
This case has reached the attention of the White House...
"President Obama has promised a full investigation into the killing of Trayvon Martin"
Everyone wants justice. Justice is a noble cause. But, what I find disturbing, isn't the desire for justice... but rather their definition of justice. If by justice, they mean Zimmerman must be charged without knowing all of the facts for justice, then this is bias. 

How would all of Trayvon's supporters feel if Zimmerman is not charged? On the flip side, how would Zimmerman's supporters feel if he is charged? Would they accept it? Or would they cry foul play? 

Justice should be blind of public opinion.