August 2, 2011

About Marriage "Discrimination"

Marriage Equality is a noble cause. Who wouldn't be for equality? Anyone who opposes it must be a hater. But, much like the Pro-choice (Anti-life) v Pro-life (Anti-choice) debate, it is just a name that embellishes a different view.

Think about it.

Is denying same-sex marriage gender discrimination? Is denying minors the right marry age discrimination? Why don't we fight for Marriage Equality with respect to age? My point is, that there has to be lines drawn somewhere. Obviously, a minor is less likely to find their true love at an early age. But, it is still discrimination. Where do we draw the line?

Why gender is the only issue in marriage equality?

You guessed it, I do not support same-sex marriage. Am I a "Hater?" No. 
  • I do believe that all men and women were created to be equal.
  • I do think that homosexuals should be able to serve in the Armed Forces.
  • It has been my experience that homosexuals are hard working individuals. Almost every single one that I have worked with worked harder than their counter-part. They also were more dependable than their counter-parts.
Rights, Responsibilities and Benefits

As with any freedom comes great responsibility. Too often, we tend to put selfish "rights" before responsibility. Marriage is no exception. If you don't believe me, then look at the divorce rate for mixed-sex couples. I suspect that same-sex couples will be exactly the same. This is because we often think of marriage as a right and not a responsibility. We put our selves first. We look to what we can gain and not what we can give. We put our selves before our spouse.

Why, then, don't I support Marriage Equality? Because I do not see how it would benefit our great country. The only benefits I hear about in this debate are all the ones that are already available in other legal means. Hospital visitation rights, property rights and many more issues. Admittedly, there needs to be improvement in some of these areas, but almost all of these "rights" are already available with other legal means.

To me, religion aside, marriage isn't just about showing your love for someone. That is what the religious part does. Legally, marriage is about owning up. Marriage is about fathers taking care of their children. Yes, you do not need a marriage certificate to do this, but without it, the father has no rights or responsibilities in raising a child. It is the one piece of paper that automatically assigns a rights and responsibilities of a father to a child. Without it, a father is helpless and hopeless. I believe that this is the legal purpose of marriage. Why else would government put their hands inside a religious ceremony?

Convince me
Here is your chance to change my mind. Convince me that there is a need to redefine marriage. Convince me...
  • that it is a necessity to make our country even better.
  • that churches will be left alone.
  • most importantly, that it fits the legal purpose of marriage.