July 7, 2011

When Twitter users "UnFollow" you

I don't use Twitter much, but I do on occasion. On one such occasion, I saw that I had a bunch - a few hundred - of twitter users I was following that, at one time was following me, but stopped.This bothered me in that, this bunch of users had followed me in effort to increase their numbers. They didn't care one bit about me or what I had to say. I was just a statistic, a number to them.

I wanted to resolve this... I found a web site called Tweeter Karma that helped me out. It isn't easy to sift through hundreds of users and decide who to keep and who to leave. But, Tweeter Karma made it a breeze to unfollow those who are not following you.

Some may not follow you for many reasons. But, if you look, you will find that many, many people will add you so that you will reciprocate to build their following. I think this is a dirty rotten trick and I like to clean these people off of my list.

But, how can we fix that? It is rather simple. Here is how:
  1. Visit Tweeter Karma
  2. Click on the link to sign into Twitter and wait a minute
  3. Authorize the app
  4. Click on "Whack" and wait a minute
Once they check your followers, who follows you and compares the two a report is shown. You are almost finished. You can choose any "Sort by:" So, the default of "Sort by: Last Updated" is a good place to be. What is important, for thinning the ranks, is to change the other drop down menu to say "Show: Only Following."

Now you can double check your list of everyone who you follow that does not follow you. Just make the drop down menu say "Show: Only Followers." I do this from time to time. You never know who you may find. I also found many, many who followed me that I did not follow. It was easy to follow them in return. I am amazed at how many follow me that I did not get an email about.