May 5, 2011

Ten things about Christianity, God and the Bible.

I often times find that there are common thoughts that people would have against Christianity, God or the Bible. I thought I would address some of them here:
  1. A belief in God is enough to get into heaven. If you believe, the rest will naturally follow. If you truly believed you had the winning lottery numbers, wouldn't it be natural to play them? But, if you had any doubt, you may decide not to play them for other reasons.
  2. Miracles are a reality. They are the times when reason and logic are defied. They are when the odds are unbelievably beaten. They are the things that cannot be logically explained.
  3. Christianity is not an easy way out. The Bible says that Christians will be persecuted for their beliefs. In some countries, this is the law. In the United States, Christianity is the main defendant in the court rooms.
  4. If you say you have "proof" that the Bible has contradictions, make sure that there isn't something missing. Every single time I have heard about the alleged "proof," I find that there was only a misunderstanding or missing facts. It is OK if you do not understand everything.
  5. Some groups claim to "trust" reason and imply that Christians do not.  There have been, and still are countless rational, reasonable people who believe in God.
  6. Christians are not perfect. If you happen to "catch" someone who genuinely appears to be a Christian, then all you have done is found their imperfection. Remember, only God is perfect. Christians are just forgiven.
  7. Creations is not taught in schools because of "Separation of Church and State." Fact is, Creation is just as valid of a theory as Evolution. Not one single court case has ever made a decision otherwise.
  8. Everything happens for a reason. It isn't by luck, chance or coincidence. Also, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters are "horrible" things. This does not mean that they don't serve a purpose. We serve a God that gives and takes away.
  9. Homosexuality is a sin just as adultery is a sin.  The church needs to accept all  of these people and encourage repentance. However, sinners who do not repent are not good leaders within the church. To say otherwise shows a desire to be led by hypocrites.
  10. Prayer is not meant to be a means of demands and wants. If you want God to listen to your prayers, try to listen to God for direction.