January 21, 2011

Same Sex Marriage - a gay man's view

Finally, I found an article about same-sex marriage worth mentioning. And, the thing about it that suprises me is that the author is gay.
From a legal standpoint, the meaning is quite clear: Civil marriage confers a number of concrete privileges -- tax breaks, adoption rights, hospital visitation -- that are desirable and, in the interest of equality, shouldn't be withheld from gay couples. Socially, extending marriage rights validates gay partnerships. None of these, though, seems to touch on the real substance.
I mention the arguments about tax breaks, hospital visitation here... I have not touched on the adoption rights issues... yet. And I plan to... soon. But, back to the article...

He is also planning on his own wedding and talks about how he is confronted at every turn about what ssm means. He closes with this...
Ultimately, I'm still not sure what marriage "means," but Michael and I can make it up as we go along.
I wish that I knew him personally so that I could see how his view shapes out... just to see the how and why about his thoughts on marriage change. He seems to be onto something. I hope and pray that he gets a real answer.