January 26, 2011

Contradictions and the Bible

Why was it that King David sent Bathsheba's husband on the front line to die was a sin? Yet, he would send armies out, many would die and this was not as sin? And that is not to mention all of the people from other places that died in the wars he started. Why isn't that also a sin?

There are some issues with the Bible that leave people dumbfounded. As a Christian, I sometimes struggle with some of these same questions too. But, my inability to understand them does not make them contradictions. So, I set out on a personal quest to find an answer that makes sense. As I mused the problem, I realized that I needed to answer one question... 
"What is sin?"
As I sort out the facts in my head and put the words in order, I can leave you with this assurance... there is an answer. A very real, logical answer. And I am working on some posts about it... sometime... But until then, here is  a real-world illistration... 

We know that when things heat up, they expand. And, when they cool down, they shrink and contract. And this is true with most any material... except for water. 

Why does water seem to contradict the facts? It does expand when it heats up. It does contract when cooled. But, take it's temperature low enough to freeze, it begins to expand.

It isn't until we gain a deeper understanding of how the molecules line up when freezing that we begin to understand why water does not invalidate the facts. The reality is that it actually enhances the evidence and brings us to a greater understanding of why materials expand and contract.