December 23, 2010

X-mas and the Xtain

xmas05Is it Christmas or X-mas? Or, do you say, “Happy Holidays” to avoid offending someone? Either way, the battle over Christmas wages on. The bottom of the battle lies in whether or not we should suppress our beliefs so that we do not offend others. And we all have heard about the argument… Don’t say “X-mas” because it is the same as taking Christ out of Christmas.

But this post isn’t about that.
Here is something for you to think about.

Enter the Xtain

But, for the moment, let’s switch up a bit. I have come across an atheist meme… that’s right, atheist meme that caught my attention. Xtain… it is meant to replace the term Christian. I am not sure exactly what the reasoning for this term is, but I am sure it is along the lines of Christ not being real to an atheist. Or maybe the name of Christ seems offensive to some, so they change it up to seem more “politically correct.”

Is anyone offended by the name? If so, then hang on.

Because I have taken this word into much consideration. And it may be a word worth using. If X-mas is taking Christ out of Christmas, would Xtain be taking Christ out of the Christian? Have you ever met that kind of person? You know… They claim to be a Christian, but… they don’t believe in God. Or they want to remove the cross from churches because they are offensive to others. Or maybe they think they can earn their way into Heaven…  by simply being good. Or by being a little nicer than their neighbor.

But, whatever the person is… maybe there is something here. Maybe an Xtain is someone who has removed Christ from their Christian life.

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