December 29, 2010

Why I Got Disqus’ted

questionguyThis blog has has gotten a lot more traffic than commenting. I am figuring that this is doe to a problem I had somewhere within my code. Where do I start to track it down? My pages would turn to a blank white page seemingly at random. It was a white page of horror. So I picked through my widgets and started there.

I Get Disqus’ted

I used to use IntenseDebate to moderate, edit and manage my comments. It isn’t a desire to censor reader comments as much as it was a desire to maintain some sort of order and decency.You can believe whatever you choose. You can voice your opinion. But it came to my attention that sometimes things needed moderation – like vulgarity… hence my need for editing.

A special thanks goes out to my friend at As The Crackerhead Crumbles for unknowingly leading to the cause of my white page of horror. It turns out that IntenseDebate can be troublesome when used inside Blogger, especially when using the new Theme Designer. And I was not protected from such bugs. So, I switched to Disqus for my comment moderation needs.

I did have some minor problems migrating my comments over to Disqus. The comments I exported from Disqus were unusable by their own service. This is senseless to me, but not a terrible issue at the moment. I hope they resolve this soon.

Why Did I NOT Use Blogger’s System?

Blogger has made great strides in improving their platform I love their new themes and how easy they are to use and tweak. And, they are even improving with comment moderation.

But, there remains some things that I would like t see… Not only the ability to approve and disapprove comments. But, I would like to see the ability to edit comments as needed. For me, this is a priority.

Another thing that I will miss about IntenseDebate is CommentLuv. I think it is a great idea to allow my readers a chance to show off their greatest posts on their own site. Disqus does not have this… yet… or anything similar. I wish they did. I see this as a wish.