December 4, 2009

Comment Policy

It has become apparent that I need some sort of comment policy. It was my original hope to keep the comments open and free from censorship. But, as the story plays out, not everyone has respect for others. So, as the blog owner, administrator, contributor, editor, or author (hereafter referred to as “I” or “Me.”), I have the following right:

  1. to control content and comments.
  2. to edit comments.
  3. to censor comments.
  4. to delete comments.
  5. to prevent comments by specific persons or groups.

Please play nice and respect others.

If you leave a comment on this blog and it does not appear in a reasonable time period, and you know that it does not violate these Comment Policies, contact me at


I do use ads on my blog. You may contact me at to discuss the terms of ads on my blog.

I also use ads from sites such as,, and more. They may use things like tracking cookies, but I do not. If you become aware of any privacy concerns with them or me, please contact me directly at my email listed here. Privacy and spam are big concerns to me. I take them seriously.

You can advertize your blog here. I will allow only the ads that I approve. I will stop any ads for whatever reason I wish. Keep in mind, my blog has a general Christian niche. I will keep some flexibility.

In order to place an ad, I will need some basic information.

  1. Link of 125x125 ad image

  2. Link for the ad to direct users to

  3. The when and how of payment. Will it be by transferring EC? Right now, EC are the only method of payment. This will most likely have more options in the future.

I will post a link with more information. All of this information is subject to change without notice.


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