October 15, 2009

Avoiding My Computer Disaster

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My Danger Ahead

My computer has recently started acting funny. It would randomly take more time than normal to do average tasks such as opening a program. Programs would also stop working causing it to freeze and require rebooting in some cases.

I started getting a pop-up window notifying me of computer hard drive failures. It has been a good laptop. It has taken it’s fair share of abuse. I cannot count the number of times it fell to the floor. Thinking back, I am surprised that it lasted as long as it did.

But here lies my problem. With the cost of a new drive, and the cost of the other repairs needed, it is not worth fixing. Prices are at a low with the expectation of the new version of MS Windows coming out. So, I found a deal on a new laptop.

Now, I could simply transfer the files over with my computer skills. That would be a breeze for me. But, what if my hard drive was already dead? What would I do? How would I then get my files back?

My Disaster Recover Plan

Most business should have a Disaster Recover Plan. This plan is a simple outline, guideline or procedure for fixing or replacing computer failures. It can be complex for large businesses or simple for small ones.

I am not a business, but just an average guy with a blog. I have a simple Disaster Recovery Plan.