June 25, 2009

Nickey’s Story

I was asked by a friend of a friend about posting a story here. And I thought it was a great idea. This is Nickey’s story. This is her testimony. It speaks beautifully of what God can do for us.

This is Nickey.

Sword_SpiritIn NIckey’s Words

I remember the days when it grew darker and darker. I thought I would never escape the feeling. Beyond all this layer of darkness that kept growing thicker and thicker. I could tell I was missing a major key in my life. I only wish I would have found the truth out so much sooner. It would have saved me a great deal of pain and torture. But that's what makes us stronger and more resistant to this world.

There where so many times that the devil got to me so badly that I would grab anything sharp that I could find… and yea,…you know the rest.

And there where times that I got so mad that I just would start punching anything and everything. Man, oh man, can I remember punching my forehead a couple times.

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