June 15, 2009

Evolution: An Educator’s Paradox

Evolution: Theory or Fact?

Evolution as theory or fact is often compared to gravity. Is gravity theory? or is it fact?

Both. Yes, gravity does exist. But the how it works is still a theory.

Is Evolution a fact? Is it a theory?

Yes. It is both fact and theory.

The "fact of evolution" refers to the changes in populations of biological organisms over time, which are known to have occurred through scientific observations and experiments. The "theory of evolution" refers to the modern evolutionary synthesis, which is the current scientific explanation of how these changes occur.


Genes and chromosomes can mutate. They can produce new species as a result. That is a fact. Check out my prior post “Baby Born With 12 Fingers, 12 Toes.” But the center of the controversy is in the how. How does evolution happen? Did man evolve from a monkey? Are single cell ameba the origin of life on Earth?

The following is a comparison of two educators. One was on trial and the other is currently on trial. They both taught about evolution in a controversial way.

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