May 27, 2009

Religion as Social Control

Their ArgumentReligion Control

Religion is used as a form of “Social Control.” It has been (and is) used by Rulers and Dictators to control their people It has been (and is) used to suppress “Free Thinking” or to keep individuals form thinking for themselves.

It makes sense that a King (Queen) or Dictator would want to control his (her) people. Social Control is in line. Religion is the best answer, so let’s write a book, call it the Bible, and use it to control the people. Right?


In order for Religion to be used as control, there ought to be some better examples. If I were to write a “Bible,” and use it for control, I would change (or completely leave out) some of it’s stories.

Daniel’s Challenge - Daniel 6

Most everyone has heard of Daniel and the Lion’s Den. But how many of us have really thought about it?

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