April 16, 2009

Is Satan Fact Or Fiction?

The Survey...

I recently read an article from, One News Now, about a fundamental Christian belief. This article takes quotes from the Christian Post and the Barna Group. Basically, it says that a good portion of self-proclaimed Christians do not believe in the Holy Spirit. Even more disturbing, they do not believe in Satan. (Satan is just another name for the Devil.)

I have a major problem with this. It tells me that many people claim to be a Christian, and they do not know what that devilmeans. It also tells me that there is a whole lot of misinformation out there that leads us to believe that we have nothing to fear.

Who then tempted Jesus? Who then is the King of This World? Who then, does the Bible call the Devil and Satan? Is he just a mere cartoon image with horns and a pointy tail whom carries a pitch fork? Or is he more real than that?

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