April 28, 2009

Déjà vu

A Youth Group

In a suburb of Buffalo, New York, I was a regular attendee in “my” youth group. I was an almost typical teenager, with just a few quirks. Scotchtown, New York“My” youth group was traveling to a church in a small town just outside the city. I had just learned that the town was there and had a name. I did not know of it until then, nor did I ever visit the town.

When I entered the church, I felt as if I had been there before. It was an eerie feeling that I could not explain. How is it possible, that I knew so much about a building that I had never been inside before? That I had not even seen? Everything inside looked strangely familiar to me. I knew every detail as if I was raised there.

At one point in the evening, I had to use the boys room. I did not need to ask directions. I got up, and headed right where it was. Not one single person showed me where it was. Not one single person had headed there before.

April 24, 2009

u want 2 txt me 2nite?

SextingTexting on a keyboard phone

Sexting is nude or semi-nude photos by a cell phone text message. It is also called “a fast-growing trend among teens.” Many people see it as something harmless that teenagers are doing.

Jessica Logan committed suicide because she did it and it got out of control. While this is not a direct result of sexting, it does shed light on the fact that it can be damaging to a person’s life.

April 21, 2009

Marriage: How do you define it?

Dog_TuxMarry Your Pet?


While this seems a bit weird and crazy, it seems as if it is a dream for some. People already perform unofficial ceremonies. Check out MarryYourPet.com. And why not? Old ladies are leaving millions of dollars to their pets. Sometimes, they are passing over their living relatives for their inheritance. Search Google for more examples.

It may sound silly, but do we allow pets to marry their owner?

Of course not. But where do we draw the line?

April 16, 2009

Is Satan Fact Or Fiction?

The Survey...

I recently read an article from, One News Now, about a fundamental Christian belief. This article takes quotes from the Christian Post and the Barna Group. Basically, it says that a good portion of self-proclaimed Christians do not believe in the Holy Spirit. Even more disturbing, they do not believe in Satan. (Satan is just another name for the Devil.)

I have a major problem with this. It tells me that many people claim to be a Christian, and they do not know what that devilmeans. It also tells me that there is a whole lot of misinformation out there that leads us to believe that we have nothing to fear.

Who then tempted Jesus? Who then is the King of This World? Who then, does the Bible call the Devil and Satan? Is he just a mere cartoon image with horns and a pointy tail whom carries a pitch fork? Or is he more real than that?

April 10, 2009


A Brief History

In this small town sets a church just outside Orlando. The new pastor of this church is young and full of the fear of God. He started with roughly 200 active worshippers. He always looks forward to altar calls at every Sunday service, not to mention any other gathering he can speak at. He has baptized an astounding 187 people in one year of preaching at this church alone. Attendance now is at about 900 each Sunday and continues to grow. Papers as far away as Chicago have written about the growth. His obedience to God's voice has truly been a blessing for hundreds of people.

Preaching Revival?

I was in my store, doing business as usual. I had overheard a conversation between a coworker and his customer. It was about the new pastor. Then the customer asked, "Is he still preaching revival?"

And that question struck me ---   "...preaching revival?"