April 10, 2009


A Brief History

In this small town sets a church just outside Orlando. The new pastor of this church is young and full of the fear of God. He started with roughly 200 active worshippers. He always looks forward to altar calls at every Sunday service, not to mention any other gathering he can speak at. He has baptized an astounding 187 people in one year of preaching at this church alone. Attendance now is at about 900 each Sunday and continues to grow. Papers as far away as Chicago have written about the growth. His obedience to God's voice has truly been a blessing for hundreds of people.

Preaching Revival?

I was in my store, doing business as usual. I had overheard a conversation between a coworker and his customer. It was about the new pastor. Then the customer asked, "Is he still preaching revival?"

And that question struck me ---   "...preaching revival?"

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