March 31, 2009

In The Beginning…

Something From Nothing

I found this quote on a web site. The author is a former atheist. It sums up why he fell away from the flock of atheism. It was why he left his disbelief and became a believer.

Essentially, I realized that to stay an atheist, I would have to believe that nothing produces everything; non-life produces life; randomness produces fine-tuning; chaos produces information; unconsciousness produces consciousness; and non-reason produces reason. Those leaps of faith were simply too big for me to take…

“…nothing produces everything…”   --  such profound words.

The Big BangBlack_Hole_Milkyway

At this point, some would point to the Big Bang Theory and say that it is possible. It makes sense, doesn't it? Isn’t that where our world began?

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