February 10, 2009

Give Me A Reason…


This article by the Proud Atheist asks for the answer to a question that most, if not all atheist want to know.

If you have positive indisputable proof of a all knowledgeable, omnipotent God…let me know. Otherwise, your beliefs are based on what you have been told over and over again.

Mark, The Proud Atheist 

I could write about the mere existence of a void in all of us. Some people try to fill that void with material possessions. While others will fill it with addictions.

But instead, I will write about the “proof” as if presenting it before a legal court system.magglass


Anonymous said...

Good article, Oscar Gecko!

The law of man is a completely different ball game than the laws of God. In some countries, religious laws ARE the laws of man.

Oscar Gecko said...

Thank you. I appreciate your comment. Especially considering our differences.

Project Savior said...

It's a Good Article,
If I could ask you a favor, since you seem to be a thoughtful and intelligent person, could you look at this article I did on religion and let me know why I got hate mail over it.
I didn't think I said anything offensive.

Oscar Gecko said...

I looked it over... I had a hard time following your thoughts in the blog. I am unsure of exactly what you are trying to say.

One thing I try to do is divide it into sections to help the thought flow. It helps make it clear what I have to say.

But overall, I haven't found too much that could be considered "hate mail." Is it here? or via email? At least I didn't see anything here:


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