January 25, 2009

Same-Sex Civil Union Custody Case

Lisa Miller vs. Janet Jenkins

  • Lisa Miller (right in photo) and Janet Jenkins (left in photo) were allowed to join in same-sex civil union in December 19, 2000 as allowed by Vermont Law.
  • Lisa became pregnant by artificial insemination from an anonymous donor.
  • Janet refused to adopt Isabella (center in photo) when presented with the idea.
  • In 2003, their relationship went sour. Lisa returned to her roots in Virginia. Janet agreed to pay child support in exchange for visitation as the two had agreed.

ON NOVEMBER 23, 2003, Lisa filed a standardized form in Rutland County (Vt.) Family Court seeking dissolution of their civil union.

Washington Post 

Lisa Returns to Her Faith

Lisa started to attend church. She read a book called Restoring Sexual Identity: Hope for Women Who Struggle With Same-Sex Attraction by:Anne Paulk.

Lisa could not afford a lawyer. She then bumbled the  paperwork for their divorce. Lisa checked boxes that conflicted with each other abut custody. Janet responded by countersuing for custody.

Donations and prayers are being accepted for Lisa Miller by the Liberty Counsel whom is representing Lisa.



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