January 5, 2009

Good-bye Oreo

Just like a country song, I had to bury my dog. He wasn't really a dog, but still a puppy. He wasn't even six months old yet.

We are not sure, but the vet mentioned that he suffered from Parvovirus (AKA Parvo).

He was a friendly little guy. He would jump up and greet anyone who would pet him. If ya let him, he would lick ya till you had enough.

He will be sorely missed by us all.

We will miss you Oreo.

Rest in peace buddy.

See ya in Heaven.


Rita said...

What a sweet tribute ... so glad that the girls were home ... before Oreo`s passing ! God`s going to take good care of him now!! Love Dad and Rita

Oscar Gecko said...

Thank you.

Keep our family in your thoughts and prayers. This is hitting everyone in their own way.

It is amazing, how he was such a young puppy and everyone was so attached to him.

Again, Thank you for your post.

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