January 7, 2009

Customer Service

Where Are The Directions?
Keep in mind, that we bought a toy train for one of our kids for Christmas. This was way more than just a train that ran around in circles, it did things.

We opened it up, put it together. The track assembly was a breeze.

Then we looked on the bottom of the train. We found some sort of switch. It wasn't an overly complicated switch, but none-the-less, it had three settings. Not one of the settings had words, but symbols.

There were also switches and levers on the track for the train to use.

What do we do??? Where are those directions? And why are they written in Chinese?

Looking on the box, we found the Toy Maker's website.

My Initial Contact via Toy Maker's Website:

We got the (toy name omitted) (Item#: omitted) for Christmas, but the directions are not in English. Is there a web page where we can we obtain a copy in English?

Thank you

Toy Maker's Initial Response via eMail:

Hello (name omitted),

Thank you for contacting (toy maker name omitted).

Unfortunately, we require some additional information to process your request. Please either e-mail us back or call us with the following information:

a. Full Name
b. Address (incase we need to mail out the directions)
c. Phone number

We look forward to speaking with you soon .

(Address and Phone omitted)


At this time, I become angry. Do you mean to tell me that if I give this toy as a present on Christmas day, that I have to wait for the Post Office to deliver it another day?

Oh yeah, the joy a toy brings a child when you say, "Here is your toy. Look at it until the directions arrive in 2-3 days."

My Response via eMail:

Brian at (toy name omitted):

My FULL name and address are:

I am 38 years old, Married, with 4 kids... They are all wonderful, but
have their moments
I live in a Blue A-Frame house. It is modest, but we call it home.
Jesus loves me, and He loves you too.

I hope that is enough information just to get some silly directions for a child's toy. It sure would be nice to download a ".pdf" file instead. A simple download or email attachment sure would be handy. Not to mention the missed opportunity for great customer service.

Thank you.

As of yet, I have not had a response. I expect the directions in the "snail mail" any day now.

I FINALLY received the directions. And they are in English. Now I know what ALL of the switches do.

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Anonymous said...

the directions are in english. That is why you can't read them. Besides REAL men don't need directions! If it doesn't stay together, duck tape it! If it doesn't look like the picture on the box, oh well, kids will stop playing with it in 3 days anyway!

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