December 31, 2008

New Years Resolutions

With 2009 upon us, many will make resolutions that will only sometimes be kept.

I never make resolution for January 1 of any year. Why? Because, if it is that important to make a resolution, then why put it off? I have almost perfected procrastination, but if self-improvement gets put off, then it will only hurt yourself and the ones who live around you. Every day is worth making resolutions... Rather, I leave January 1st as a time to focus and take a closer look myself. I look at things like what I accomplished and need to work on.

Call it a New Year's Resolution... Call it what you want... It is more like a coincidence... But I started this blog years ago and did nothing with it. It was recent events that moved me to do something.. to say something... to get people talking... to help some friends too. If I can make you think, then all is well. If I can make you post... then all is well.. If you disagree, then all is well. Either way, speak up and let people hear your voice.


Anonymous said...

New year's resolutions are cool! It gives you something to screw up on and it's ok. You know you won't keep it. I will lose weight, (gain weight), I will quit drinking (get DUI), I will stop picking on coworkers (but they are such easy inspiration), oh well. Life goes on. I-95 goes north too! Florida is busting at the seams.

PenguinJunkee said...

New Year's Resolution? No. Perhaps you can call it goals for 2009... Anyway, I do believe that I have the market on procrastination! That would be why my goals for 2009 are the same as they were for 2008! HAHAHA!!! Besides, the more you procrastinate, the more things you have to look forward to doing tomorrow!! I can never say I have nothing to do!! :)

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